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3 tips to teach children about self-hygiene

Self-hygiene is one of the lessons that parents have to teach children to be more independent. But some kids see it as a “nightmare”. How to make children voluntarily do hygiene themselves without feeling uncomfortable?

1. Generate excitement for the baby

At home or at kindergarten, you can prepare for your toddler all necessary items, such as toothbrushes, towels, soap, comb… and should choose the lovely things which have cartoon characters shape on that. Otherwise, parents can encourage your child to sing and dance every time you wash your hands, feet, or open the children’s songs… These things will make your child funny, and provides a feeling as she is involved in an exciting game.
3 tips to teach children about self-hygiene

2. Manage your anger

Parents need to gently encourage and guide a little baby, do not be hasty. If you do find good personal hygiene, the parents should praise her, create confident and excited feelings. When your child does not practice, then you absolutely can express sadness and make him understand the significance of hygiene. If he has not any reaction, you should guide him to start personal hygiene again.

3 tips to teach children about self-hygiene

3. Parents have to do first

Children tend to imitate the behavior of adults, especially parents. So the best way to teach children is by giving them an example. You should brush your teeth every morning and evening, wash your hands carefully with soap before and after eating… In addition, at that time you also give toddler meaning of personal hygiene that is to protect our health from germs.
3 tips to teach children about self-hygiene
Self – hygiene is a small and simple thing that you should teach children right from childhood. Therefore, their independent personality gradually formed and toddlers can understand the importance of body hygiene.

Thank you for your attention!

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